Why choose us?

We can provide equipment for welding of all materials and shapes, tailored with expertise for your product. We have several proven concepts for orbital welding. In addition we have the experience and expertise in automation technology from our sister company Welmax whose prime focus is welding automation.





– Offshore Pipeline (lay barges).

– Cross Country Pipeline.

– Ship Yards.

– Piping Fabrications for Modules

– Construction.

– Nuclear Piping installation.

– Petrochemical industry.


Orbital Weld Head for Multi-Pass welding suitable for all passes: Root, Hot, Fill and Cap. Precision tool for perfect, repeatable welds. The Orbi-Technik WELBUG system is designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. Interchangeable guide rings mount the head on the pipe, allowing a broad workpiece size range from 110mm—1200mm. (4”-48”) and larger. The WELBUG system improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates below 0.1%, and producing welds of consistent quality.

Multiheaded Orbital Welder:

With this custom welding station we are able to mount up to 3 welding heads using the same technology and process used in the Welbug. It is in principle 3 Welbug’s mounted on to one rotating ring seperate of the pipe to ease the workflow when welding many joints and pipes. Manipulators just position the joints and the operator can start depositing the weld. This is a considerable time saver as you have multiple weld-heads ready to weld in just a few minutes.