Why choose us?

We can provide top tier equipment for all size ranges which we ourselves have quality proofed with extensive research and actual production experience. By working with many different suppliers we have the knowledge to select the product we think is best for your production.

High Speed US80 – 150

This machine can be used either on site or in a workshop. The machine is transportable, easy to install and will be clamped on the inside diameter of the pipe. The US80/150-HSB is used for bevelling, facing and counter boring (short) works. These works can be processed individually or simultaneously. It will perform repeatable high quality bevel with a V, J, X shape or compounded bevels perfectly suitable for the orbital or manual welding process. It can be used for all main pipe materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and all exotic alloys such INCOLOY, HASTELLOY etc. The US80/150-HSB can be equipped with two different clamping mandrels. Within a few hours, through the exchange of the US 150 with the US 80 mandrel or vice versa, the range of diameters can be reduced or increased accordingly.